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The reason for an ant infestation in our dwellings is very simple. Ants love the same food we do. Our cupboards are their dinner tables, and we pretty much put the food on the plate for these little critters. Although ants do not necessarily carry diseases they create a risk of contaminating your food stuffs. They walk across many surfaces before they reach your cupboard and thus, an infestation can be considered unhygienic. If you have ever found ants in sealed containers then you will realise that they are pretty adept at gaining entry to the trickiest of jars. In addition to the unhygienic problems that occur, some species of tropical ant are known to bite when aggravated.

It is essential that correct identification of the species is undertaken. This is particularly relevant when considering the eradication of the tropical species. Different species have different colony and caste systems. Some have multiple queens and are effective at rebuilding scattered colonies quickly. If a home treatment is used before proper identification is carried out, you may exacerbate the situation and create multiple colonies.

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Q: When should I book an ant treatment?

A: You should call one of the London pest exterminators as soon as you spot any signs of an ant infestation

Q:How to get rid of Ants?

A:You can find out source of Ants and remove that but if you need expert Service you can call us because if are expert in controlling Ants.

Q: Can you perform treatments on weekends as well?

A: Yes, we offer our services7 days a week, including Bank holidays and weekends.

Q: Why are there ants in my house?

A: Ants are very fond of sugary foods, so any exposed chocolate cake or sweets are bound to attract a small army sooner or later..

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