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Mice are usually brown-grey with a light underside. Large ears, small eyes and a tail that measures just under body length are three universal characteristics of mice, and they tend to take six to eight weeks to mature fully. Whilst their lifespan is short like 3 to 4 months, population can increase significantly during this time.

Having Mice in your Property is not hygienic and nor a Good feeling. However, because they carry diseases, they need to be removed at the earliest convenience after an infestation is discovered.

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What we do?

Before the actual treatment, the Mice exterminator will carefully inspect the property. Treatment begins with an inspection. The goal is to find all entry points that are used by the rodents. He will notify you if the mice have caused any substantial damage that might need to be fixed. after inspection our pest controller will carry out treatment which suits to your problem

Proofing Services for Mice Control

We also provide proofing services.This helps protect your property against rodents. We do this by surveying your property for posssible entry points and then taking appropriate measures such as plugging holes and securing entry points or gaps.

Q: What are the signs of a mice infestation?

A: You will find Mice droppings which are black in colour and the size of a rice grain, gnaw marks on food, furniture, bins, small tracks in dusty areas, musky odour and sightings.

Q: Are mice threatening in any way?

A: Yes, mice can actually be dangerous. Mice can cause structural damage to Buildings, can damage electricity wires and can lead to fire hazards, infestation of mice is a Health risk as mice are known to carry germs and can propagate various diseases through droppings, bites and urine.

Q: How did mice enter my house?

A: The body shape and size allows rodents such as mice, to squeeze through small holes the size of a 6mm small coin. Common entry points include cracks and holes in walls, floor boards and foundations, gaps in windows and ceilings, sewer pipes, sink and bathtub floor, and even through gaps in plumbing and gas pipe fittings, radiators etc.

Q: How to get rid of Mice?

A: If you have one or two Mice you can do this by yourself by using Snap Traps or Sticky Pads but if you have Mice infestation you will need qualified Pest Control Company like Control your Pest Ltd. to take care of the infestation.

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