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Pigeon Control

Most Feral Pigeons are blue-grey with a white rump, although there are many colour variations. They have iridescent feathers on their head and neck and two broad black bars across each wing and a broad dark band across the end of the tail.

Feral Pigeons can become a huge problem if they recognise a site as one where they can feed, nest and roost. This develops behavioural patterns that, in addition to their productive breeding season, can make Feral Pigeon activity very difficult to reduce.

There are few different types of method to control Pegions:

  • Spikes
  • Deterrent Gel.
  • Info about Pigeons

    Q:Why pigeons needs to be control?

    A:Feral Pigeons are a type of nuisance bird and can be very damaging to buildings and their occupants. Their activity in and around urban areas can cause problems such as delays in building projects, health and safety hazards and obstruction of maintenance equipment, meaning that it can’t be repaired if necessary. This can range from areas such as multi-storey building complexes to rural housing areas, with the effects being incredibly damaging to both the area’s inhabitants and neighbours..

    Q:How to get rid of Pigeons?

    A:We will install pigeon spikes oor gel.Aslo we can remove pigeons where possible.

    Q:Do i need Pest Control?

    A: Its better you call Pest Control as soon you notice activity in your property because they multiply very rapid.

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