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Wasps are definitely one of those insects that you don’t want to go and mess with. These creatures do pollinate plants, but don’t make honey. Once irritated, they sting and they are good at it. If you spot a wasp nest in your back garden, it’s best to get it removed, otherwise, you risk getting hurt. Young children are especially susceptible to severe and even life-threatening allergic reactions if stung by an angry wasp. So, it’s not advisable to try handling the insect’s nest by yourself - wasp nest removal requires professional expertise and experience.

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We also provide service to remove wasp nests where possible.

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Q: How do I get rid of wasps or Wasps nest?

A: To remove wasps safely contact a professional London wasp control and extermination company such as us. We offer bespoke wasp and wasp nest treatment plans. Call us today for more information and advice about removing wasps or wasp nests for all household and business premises within London.

Are you looking for expert wasp control in London? If so, then you have come to the right place as we offer a variety of pest control services, just as you would expect from London’s wasp removal experts.

Q: Can I kill a wasp nest myself?

A: While there are many DIY treatments available on the market, most of them require you to get up close and personal. Without the proper protective clothing and training, it’s very likely that you will be subjected to a very painful attack as wasps tend to be overprotective of their nests.

Q: When should I book a professional Wasp removal?

A: You can call us as soon as you spot any signs of a wasps. Its better to control them on early stages as they multiply in no time.

Q: How long will it take for Wasps to die after the treatment?

A: This depend on level of infestation and type of treatment used. Some time same time and some time few days

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