Guide To Pest Control Service

18, 2020

Guide To Pest Control Service

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One of the highlights of the late spring and summer months in the UK is the arrival of large Bee and Wasp swarms. Seeking to avoid any undue stress or concern, we aim to attend 24 hours a day* for pest treatment. Although most swarms will leave on their own accord after a short time, a few may stay to build a nest. For Wasps and Masonry Bees, we will attend to eradicate as many bees as possible, leaving only the nest's empty remnant, which we can dispose of if accessible and sufficiently docile. Either applying insecticide spray treats the nest to the surrounding area or foam directly into the nest.


The Ultimate Guide To Pest Control Service


Restaurants and a few other types of businesses legally require pest control coverage. If you have a business, we can accommodate this pre-requisite by creating an annual pest control contract with you. Our pest controller will attend, quote, and negotiate several visits with you over a year. After visiting, we will check to determine if there are any pests and conduct the necessary treatment procedures.

Bed Bugs, Fleas, and Cockroaches are an all too common infestation in the UK and possess the added frustration of being difficult to treat due to resistance to chemicals. The tell-tale signs are small droppings on the property and bite irritation. Our pest controllers acknowledge their challenge and use potent chemicals they are licensed to use to overcome them. A high-strength spray is used for Fleas and Bed Bugs, where numerous surfaces are subject to extensive treatment. We use a different form of treatment for the Cockroaches. The suitable method is to use sticky gel bait for these due to their high success rate. We apply them in areas of key activity intending to subdue the invasion.

Are you reporting scratching noises or droppings on the property? Mice, Rats, or Squirrels are nuisances that serve both as a health risk and can cause property damage (including electrical fires) due to gnawing caused by a need to stifle their constant tooth growth. Our treatment usually involves two visits. We attend on the first visit, locate the key areas of activity and the most effective treatment areas and put down poison, which is more potent than what is normally available, and humane traps and bait boxes if the situation requires it. Upon completion of the visit, a second visit is arranged for a suitable later date and time.  This second visit usually involves trap retrieval, but if additional treatment is required, we can arrange further visits as need be.

Insect infestations are relatively easy to treat; however, they overcome this deficit with both sheer numbers and natural resistance to deterrence measures. Our pest controllers will investigate the salient areas for the incursion and apply powder for Ants' case or use an insecticide spray for Fleas, Flies, Moths, Carpet Beetles, or other insects.

We can provide a Bird deterrence service for the customer who is having issues with unwelcome Bird intrusion into or on the property. We strive to provide the very best service without any exceptions. Upon arrival, our pest controllers will determine the most strategic areas to apply for our proofing work to provide a long-term alleviation or solution to the problem. We install spikes in areas where the birds like to congregate (including the roof and window sills) and can install netting over openings and areas exploited by the Birds to gain entry into the property.

If you can see either mound of dirt in a lawn or grassy area or you can see evidence of near-surface tunnels, then you likely have Moles. Depending on the type of soil, you may have smaller mounds, but in a greater number of larger mounds in a fewer number. Moles hunt for Worms, but this activity damages the garden or lawn's integrity and appearance and may even cause plants to die as a side effect. The most successful method is by inserting a scissor trap into the hole, which the Mole trips on and kills itself as a result. Alternatively, fumigation can be arranged.

Wishing to cater to all our customer's needs, we also provide a dead animal disposal service if no treatment needs carrying out, yet there is still a problem. We will retrieval the dead animal for you, quickly, cleanly, and without fuss.

If you require it, we can create a written quotation or estimate to accompany the verbal quotation you will receive. As our work is insurance approved, you can be sure that we can provide all the documentation which the insurance company requests. We aim for a 30-90* minute response for our works and aim to provide this prompt service 24 hours a day*, 7 days a week* for you. We're only a phone call away, so call us today!


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