How to get rid of mice

18, 2021

How to get rid of mice

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It is common for mice to try and enter homes during the colder seasons in search of sustenance, shelter, and warmth. Mice gnaw on wires, chew through walls, and contaminate your food store. They are also injurious to health, transferring bacteria, and leading to worse allergic reactions, or asthmatic attacks.


How to get rid of mice: 5 Effective Techniques


If you have found black grain-like substances in your house, it is a strong indication of the presence of rats, since they’re rat droppings. If you have noticed signs of rat infestation, it is necessary to immediately get rid of them before they cause further damage. But how do you kill mice? What are some effective techniques to get rid of mice once and for all? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. Here are 5 effective methods of killing rats:

  1. Find and seal their entry point

If you begin with random places to set up traps for mice, it will do you no good. To get rid of rats completely, it only makes sense to first find their entry point, figure out where they’re entering from, and then set up traps accordingly.

Once you’ve discovered where they are coming from, it’s a good idea to seal those places. For example, if it’s a crack in your wall, get it repaired, or if it’s a loose drain, get that fixed.

  1. The use of mouse traps

One of the most effective methods of getting rid of mice is the use of mouse traps. The most vulnerable areas of your home are the perfect place to set up traps. An example is near the trash cans, or along walls. We have listed some of the most effective traps below:

  • Snap traps
  • Sticky traps
  • Electric traps
  • Live catch traps

Except for sticky traps, the rest of the mouse traps require bait. Usually, people use peanut butter, but the chocolate, cheese, or nuts are also good options to lure mice towards your trap.

  1. Using poisoned bait

Another popular method to get rid of rats is the use of poisoned bait. With this method, it is crucial to use the more attractive kind of bait to attract the rat. You could poison it using any kind of rodenticide. This trap is effective because the bait helps attract the mouse, and the poison kills it for this you should use a professional pest control company.

  1. Repair poor sanitation

Rats are mostly attracted to poor sanitation. Their daily requirement for food is no more than 3 to 4 grams. This means any crumbs lying around are going to attract these creatures. If you want to get rid of rats, clean your counters, and make sure there is are no leftovers or scraps. Basically, you’re aiming to eliminate food sources.

  1. Using pets as defense

It is a good idea to use pets to eliminate mice. Cats are commonly known for hunting mice. So if you have got a cat as a pet, then this will serve as an advantage.

However, if you haven’t got any pets, it’s high time to get one but if that’s not possible, then the techniques listed above will prove to be effective!


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