Types of Pests in london and Prevention

14, 2021

Types of Pests in london and Prevention

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Pests result in damaging effects on human health, and in some cases, they are even known for severe impacts on human activities. For example, it has been discovered that almost 20% of the world’s food supply is consumed by rodents. Pests can lead to several health issues such as infections, allergies, and other illnesses. Some of the common types of pests include:

Pest Control: The Types of Pests, Methods, and Prevention


Pest control methods use physical methods, and sometimes chemicals such as insecticides to get rid of these unwanted animals. It all depends on the severity of adverse effects, and the population of pests in an area.

Are you tired of searching for ‘Pest control near me?’ Have you had enough of the annoying pests that inhabit your household? Before you actually call the pest control near you, it is better to first get to know about what it really is, what methods are used, and how you can prevent the entry of pests after they have been eliminated. That is what we’re going to discuss today.

The Methods for Pest Control

It isn’t uncommon for unwanted pests to inhabit your home, and contaminate foodstuffs, or damage the structural timbers of a building. Some can even infest food storage, or damage your fabrics by chewing through them. This is why pest control becomes necessary. Here are some of the methods used for pest control by professionals:


  • Physical control: it involves the use of physical objects or ‘traps’ to kill or get rid of insects. Common types of physical pest control include mouse traps, chemicals, or flypapers.
  • Poisoned bait: through this method, baits are poisoned with specific chemicals to kill off the pests. The bait is used to lure the animal towards the bait which is contaminated with poison.
  • Insulation: insulations are installed in walls, or ceilings of a building, the most common passage for the entry of pests. Insecticides or pesticides and other chemicals are infused into these insulations which completely block the entry of pests inside the building
  • Fumigation: for fumigation, usually areas are enclosed, or surrounded by ait tight covers. The liquid insecticides are fogged into these enclosed areas, killing off all insects present within.

These are the most common types of methods used to prevent the entry of pests, or get rid of them. However, if you don’t want to face an infestation again, it’s important to take certain precautionary measures.

Pest Prevention Explained

Pest control isn’t had to find anymore! Most area-specific services for pest control, such as Pest control Colindale will help you get rid of pests. However, if you want to restrict the entry of such pests completely, it is necessary to take certain precautionary measures.

This includes removing food sources, getting rid of places or objects where pests can hide, or breed. Stop water from collecting inside your home, de-clutter your home and get rid of newspapers, magazines, etc., or objects which might provide shelter to pests.

Make sure to fix all leaking taps, or repair your plumbing to restrict pest entry completely. It is a good idea to get in touch with pest control services if your pest problem is getting out of hand, or if the population is growing rapidly.


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