Rat vs Mice

25, 2020

Rat vs Mice

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Difference between mice and rat


All of you may think that rats and mice are the same, and they do not possess any remarkable difference. What if we tell you that your assumption is wrong? There are many differences between mice and rats, which we are going to tell you here. So that you may able to recognize them and do their pest treatment from Mice Pest Control or Rat Pest Control according to their type. Because many times when you encounter them in your kitchen, you don't recognize them. That can be because of a shock or a surprise encounter with them. So we are going to explain to you their difference greatly, here.

Differences based on size:

  • The typical house mouse 2-4 inches in length, but the Norway rat is 7-9 inches in length.
  • It can be easy to distinguish between the two if both have become adult in size.

Differences in appearance:

  • Mice have a triangular nose, but a rat has a blunter nose.
  • Mice have large, floppy ears. Rats also have larger ears in size than mice, but their size is less concerning body size.
  • Mice have long, thin tails with hair. On the other hand, rat tails are hairless and scaly.

Differences based on habitat:

Mice are skillful climbers. Rats can also climb but prefer to live at lower levels of habitat, such as some basements or crawlspaces.

Differences based on trapping them:

These creatures fall into the rodent category, but they do have some differences in their behavior.

  • They are smaller in size, but the mice are bolder than rats. Mice are very curious. They explore everything, which includes traps too. That is why they caught easily in a trap. It makes work easy for Pest Control London.
  • On the other hand, rats remain fearful. They are cautious and don’t try out new things easily. That is why they are a difficult target sometimes.

Differences based on damage-causing:

  • Mice have weaker teeth than rats, so if the food is tightly packed in a container, they cannot open it or invade it. But when it comes to rat, they are known for invading even building materials like wood, glass, metal with their teeth.
  • Other than this structural loss, they can also spread severe infections among human beings and even the pets in your home.

What to do when you got any mice or rats in your home?

Rats and mice are a very common pests on your property. They come uninvitedly with great confidence and live happily on your food and property. But beware, they can make a complete family at your home.

 In that case, we suggest you call Control your pest ltd. because it is really important to recognize their species first before applying any pest treatment on them. They treat rats and mice differently during pest treatment. If you encounter such a situation at your home, do not try to handle it with something on your own. You should Contact Pest Control Services in that situation.




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